Ka-Pow! Posters was founded to create limited edition screen printed posters based on, and inspired by, our favorite comic book properties.


Dragon: Rogues Series Print No. 2

July 07, 2014

We are pleased to present  to you the print is the second in our Rogues Series, which features Killer Croc, in one of his old school incarnations.  The print is now available for $50.  Subscriptions to the entire series are still available for $150. This is what Timothy had to say about the piece: "I fell in love with that sand color of (old school) Croc, giving me a Nile crocodile look. His human like qualities really come out in this version and is exactly what I wanted.  When designing the print, I wanted an unsettling feeling, I wanted Croc to be a croc, slowly creeping towards its prey before the big ambush.  And yes, the head poking out of the watr... Continue Reading →

Ka-Pow! Picks: The Private Eye #5

January 03, 2014

The Private Eye #5 By Brian K. Vaughan Art by Marcos Martin Why Read the Series?   I am not courting controversy when I say that Brian K. Vaughan is adept at world building. As the writer of one of the best comics of the 2000s and one of the best currently running series (Y: The Last Man and Saga, respectively), his initials, BKV, are constantly on the lips of many comic book enthusiasts. When it comes to creator-owned content, there are only a handful of writers who have found as much success garnering support for comics that don’t star Batman, Superman, or Wolverine as Vaughan has (though he has written a few of those, as well).  To that end,... Continue Reading →